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Seagrass Weave Floor Rug 180X120CM

What is seagrass?

A perennial plant that grows in low-lying, underwater meadows of the Asia-Pacific region, seagrass is often confused with seaweed or grasses. Seagrass is actually a flowering plant with roots, stems and leaves. The “grass-like” leaves are harvested and used in a variety of products from baskets to placemats, from rugs to furniture. Being a water plant, its fibers are non-porous and durable, making seagrass an ideal material for rugs and carpets.

Why choose seagrass?

Seagrass fibers have a smooth texture, are naturally stain-resistant and super tough. A seagrass rug or carpet can be used in busy places like hallways, entryways, living rooms or other gathering spaces. This fiber is also static-free and does not attract dirt or dust, making it a great choice for creating a low-allergen environment. Plus, the natural look of a seagrass rug will blend with all styles and enhance your home.



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