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October 20, 2023

We pride ourselves on being first to market with the hottest trends in floor fashion.

The best way to stay up to date on is to keep in touch with us via social media and our newsletter, where we feature the latest trends and new product arrivals.

Generally, most rugs will fall into the following styles: traditional, transitional, modern or contemporary.

Traditional rugs are faithful reproductions of genuine hand knotted pieces. They are perfect for a classic setting, or you can use them to add old-world charm to modern decor. We also have the real thing.

Transitional rugs will work in both classic and modern settings, and often feature unique finishes like a vintage wash look to recreate the style of a hand knotted piece at an affordable price. They will usually feature a colour palette that aligns with todays fashion trends.

Modern rugs are a broad category, from delicate neutrals to bright geometric patterns. This style features every size, texture and material you can think of!

Contemporary rugs are ultra modern, with bold patterns and modern production techniques creating a stylish product that is best suited for fashion forward customers looking for a statement piece. A block colour rug can also be considered a contemporary style, when the materials create interest by incorporating modern fibres such as art-silk to create subtle variations for a minimalist look.

When it comes to styling, every designer has a different opinion and aesthetic. Don't be afraid to mix and match colours, designs and styles throughout the home based on your own imagination - all our products have been selected to bring quality style to any setting.